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About Me ~

Hmm, where to begin!? . . . I guess as good a place as any is how I got the name:  Cosmic Rhino!   ] :<)

Well,  for whatever reason,  as long as I can remember, I've always loved two things:  Celestial (or Cosmic) Stuff ~ you know,  like  Stars,  Moons,  Faeries,  Unicorns,  etc..   and   Rhinos! . . . Now,  the former I'm really not sure how or why I've always liked,  but the  latter  (Rhinos)  I have some idea how I got into . . .

When I was in High School,  my favourite  Rock Group  was  Journey  (Ok,  so now I've pretty much dated myself! . . . Oh well,  eh!?) . . . Anyway,  I was lucky enough to live  right across the street to  Journey's Publicity Agency,  called:  Nightmare Inc. . . .

I was even luckier,  as a great Fan of Journey  and largely thanks to my dear Dad  (and his fearlessness ~ which, at the time, embarassed me a lot of times,  but obviously also came in quite handy, at times!),  I also got the chance to meet & work with the  "Journey Girls"  as we called them ~ the 3 Ladies who ran & managed  Journey's Fan Club,  which was located  a few miles away! . . . Well,  dream come true for  ANY Fan,  I actually got to  work  with them  (on a Volunteer Basis,  completely fine with me!!)  at the  Fan Club / Warehouse,  helping  answer  Fan Mail,  put together  Membership Packages  and  assist with  Public Relations  (the best part of which was getting to go to all the various  local  Concerts  &  Venues  and  meet & talk with  other  Fans)!! . . . It also included such amazing perks as:  going to the  Journey Softball Games  and  even  meeting some of the  Band Members,  including:  Neil Schon  &  Steve Perry!!  : )

. . . OK, I'm finally coming to the  where I got into  Rhinos  part! . . .  So,   the  Journey Softball Team  Mascott  was,  you guessed it,  the  RHINO!!!  ] :<)

The  "Journey Girls"  were actually also just  3 Fans  who got  lucky enough to  work for  Journey  and  so they were really into supporting  the  Band,  including  avidly collecting  Rhinos . . . They had a  stuffed toy Rhino,  whom they called:  "Reno, the Rhino",  sitting on the  Warehouse desk  and  everytime we went ANYWHERE,  if they came across a  Rhino, they had to  purchase  that one,  too! . . . So then,  the more time I spent with  "The Girls"  and went pretty much  EVERYWHERE  with them,  and got really close to  them,  I too started  collecting Rhinos!

So,  there you have it,  becuase  the  2 things  I've  always  been into  (and  Colletcted)  are:  Celestial  Stuff  &  Rhinos  (my room was filled with  Moons,  Stars  &  Rhinos!!),   I eventually  acquired  the  Nick-name:  Cosmic Rhino! . . . And so,  when I first got  Online  and was  looking for  an  "Online Name"   and/or  "E-Mail Name",  I  naturally  went  for:  Cosmic Rhino! . . . 

 Also,  besides being into "Celestial Stuff" ~ and even before that ~ I've always  LOVED ANIMALS  (and I think I've also always known that it was my Purpose in Life to work to HELP ALL ANIMALS)!! . . . In fact,  I now realize that the whole  "Journey / Reno the Rhino"  part of my life  was  probably  some grand  Cosmic  "Journey"  I  was on  that would lead me to my real  Purpose in Life! . . .

So  when I finally figured that out,  after  "straying from my Path"  for a while,  and I started my  Conservation & Education Organization,  when I was  looking for a  Name  for the Organization,  of course  I   chose  Cosmic Rhino,  as well! . . . It's actually  quite appropriate  because  my  goal  with  the  Organziation  (and  Web-sites)  is,  not only  to   help  Protect  & Educate re: the  Rhinos,  but  ANY/ALL  Animals  (incl.  at times,  Humans ~ esp.  Children!!).  Therefore, "Cosmic Rhino"  has  the connotation  of  being  more   "Cosmically  Concerned"! . . . Also,  the more I studied & learned  about the  Rhino  and  I discovered that  the  Rhino Totem's  Gift  (or Medicine ~ i.e. what he  Teaches  us)  is  Ancient  (or  Cosmic)  Wisdom,  that also seemed to fit perfectly  with  the  Name! . . .

Finally,  the reason I chose the  Unicorn  as a "Mascot"  and one of the  Logos  for  my  Organization,  is because the  Unicorn  is a sort of  "Cosmic Rhino"  really,  being that  the  Horse  (which the  Unicorn  is most often portrayed as)  is  scientifically from the  same Family  as the  Rhino  and,  being  a "Celestial Being,"   just seemed to be the  perfect symbol for the  Cosmic Rhino Organization! . . . And the rest,  as they say,  is  Cosmic Rhino History!!!   ] ;<)


If you agree  that  the Rhino  is a  Noble Being   and  desrves  to be  Proteded from Extinction  (and/or  if you  just  Love  and  want to  Help  ALL ANIMALS),  come  JOIN ME  &  become a  RANGER!!  

 Cosmic Rhino   ] :<)                             



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