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As mentioned in the "Happy International Day" post/thread, our main agenda for this year's International Rhino Day is the same as our current main campaign . . . To raise awareness regarding (and expose) the "Conservation via Killing" method practiced by such so-called "conservation groups" and organizations like the WWF, that allow the hunting & killing of endangered rhinos (and other endangered wildlife) to "raise money for conservation."


Therefore, this year your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to contact the various places below and express your outrage at the "Conservation via Killing" methods practiced by the WWF and those other "conservation organizations" who partner with them.











Contact Inside Edition & Outdoor Channel re: a recent incident in which millionaire "hunter" and Outdoor Channel host, Corey Knowlton bought an ELDERLY BLACK RHINO (sold on auction by Africa's nation of NAMIBIA, who partner with "Conservation" groups like WWF to "raise funds for conservation" by selling off their few remaining ENDANGERED RHINOS)!! . . . Corey Knowlton won the auction and payed $350,000 just to SHOOT & KILL an ELDERLY & ENDANGERED BLACK RHINO!!



1) CONTACT INSIDE EDITION to express your outrage and opposition to NAMIBIA & WWF's use/excuse of "Conservation via Killing" to make big bucks - Also tell them you want MORE EXPOSTION of WWF and other "Conservation Groups" that employ this senseless practice of "Conservation via Killing":


2) CONTACT the OUTDOOR CHANNEL to also express your outrage at their very own TV Host, Corey Knowlton, and tell them you are BOYCOTTIING THEM unless & until they cancel his show and fire Knowlton:


3) Finally, after you have contacted both, please * send me a quick message letting me know you have done so.


* NOTE: Sending me a message does 2 things: it lets me know that International Rhino Day does make a difference  and  it helps me track which of our Members is most active on the website (re: eligibility for this year's "Ranger of the Year" Award).



Thank you, Cosmic Rhino ] :<)






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