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If you have not already, please take a moment to check out the other post in this thread:

. . . It has information regarding Rhinos and the Event.


Now, on to to the ACTIONS part of the Event . . .

I've chosen 5 Actions you can take (one for each of the last 5 remaining species of rhino).


1) If you are not already, become a Member.

2) If you are already a Member, Invite 5 Friends.

3)  Take at least 1 of the Actions in the other Post.

4) Support our work, so we can continue to Educate & Advocate for Rhinos.

5) And last, but definitely not least, be Active in our *Missions/Forums.

* Remember: When you Joined, you were asked if you are here to take Actions for Rhinos and you Pledged to Post in the Forums at least 5 times / year . . . Also, don't forget that (esp. w/o our Facebook Account & Group, which was hacked and is no longer available to us), the only way I have to gauge who is most Active and Eligible for this year's CR Ranger of the Year Award is by seeing your Post in the Forum!  ] :<)

Thank you for all you help and hard work for Rhinos this year -

and always!

Cosmic Rhino ] :<;)

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