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In the International Rhino Day Event, I mentioned that this year's IRD Agenda is, not only Raising Awareness for Rhinos (as usual), but also Raising Awareness re: the various so-called "Conservation Groups" that are actually helping to KILL RHINOS by using the "Conservation via Killing" approach . . . The only other "alternate solution" out there, at the moment, seems to be "Rhino Farming" (see my comments below for details).

I feel there HAS to be ANOTHER, BETTER SOLUTION - outside of these 2 extremes!! . . . So, that is also going to be a major focus of this year's IRD Event!!   ] :<)


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Zimbabwe: War Zone Hero Protecting Africa's Rhinos


Tags:: Animals,: Rhinos, wildlife, poachers, protection 

Australian Damien Mander honed his warrior skills in the deadly crucible of Baghdad. Now the former soldier is using them to protect Africa's Rhino . . .



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I agree that Damien is awesome and that he's done amazing things for the Rhinos, as far as his "militaristic" approach goes . . . Sometimes, in desperate times, you have to fight fire with fire!!

I'm just concerned about his "Rhino Farming" idea . . . It seems there are 2 main approaches to "Rhino Conservation" out there, at the moment: the so-called "Conservation Groups" like WWF, SRI, IRF, Etc. support the "Conservation via Killing" method (i.e. allowing the Hunting & Killing of Endangered Rhinos to "raise funds" for "Rhino Conservation") OR there's the "Rhino Farming" approach,  as Damien supports ( i.e. Raising Rhinos to harvest their Horn for the Asian Traditional Medicine Market)!!

One approach wants to STOP the DEMAND (for Rhino Horn) by KILLING RHINOS and the other wants to STOP the KILLING by SUPPLYING the DEMAND!! . . . Are either of these REALLY the best solution - Do they even make ANY sense (Killing Rhinos to "save" them OR Enslaving Rhinos to "save" them)!!?

No wonder the RHINO DEATH TOLL has SPIKED so much in recent years!! . . . Rhinos don't have a chance if those who are supposed to be "protecting" them area actually adding to the problem by KILLING RHINOS!!

And, if we go with the RHINO FARMING "solution" we are essentially trying to "tame" & raise Rhinos, like domesticated cattle!! . . . Rhinos are a WILD ANIMAL who deserve to be (and NEED to be) able to roam out in their own, natural habitat - NOT exported to a foreign land and cooped-up on a "Farm" to be repeatedly tranquilized over & over again to the permanent detriment of their health (because that's the ONLY way you can "harvest" the Horns without killing the Rhinos)!!

If these 2 extreme "solutions" are really the ONLY choices, then the Rhinos would probalby be better off just going EXTINCT!!  ] :<(

In a recent discussion I had with him, Damien made it very clear to me that he is an animal "welfarist" NOT an animal "rightist" (i.e. His main goal is to keep the Rhino species from going extinct, at ANY cost - NOT what is BEST for the Rhinos)!! . . .

I just feel that there HAS to be ANOTHER, BETTER SOLUTION - outside of these 2 extremes (both of which are definitely NOT good for the Rhinos) . . . There has got to be a REAL solution, one which not only helps to save the Rhinos as a species, but also takes the Rhinos' welfare into consideration, as well as their Rights (every Being has the innate Right to live free)!!  ] :<)


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